ByAaron Lettner, writer at
...n of star-lords father. Described by quill's mom as an angel of pure light then later described by yondu as a jackass. Sounds like warlock and his alter ego magus. Plus you if you look at the casting call for magus which seems like an attempt to throw people off warlock's scent but still holds some validation. I don't think vision will be mcu version of warlock. I just don't see mcu letting the fans down like that. Maybe warlock won't appear in gotg 2 until the mid credits scene but I do believe he will be a major player in infinity war 1 and 2. Who else has the raw power to take on Thanos in the mcu? Nobody not even everybody together. And yes his DNA in the comics is not ancient but the mcu is not afraid to change character's back story. He could have been in that cocoon for 30 + years while magus had been running a muck. Charging his power bidding his time to take on magus who has the time stone? Question; what would have happened in the mcu to cause magus to split from warlock? We will see or won't see either way marvel will do as they wish with their characters.

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