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Ever since it was announced that Spider-Man would (finally) be joining the MCU there has been no lack of rumors regarding his role in Captain America Civil War or his 2017 Sony movie The Spectacular Spider-Man. Since early August it has been largely presumed that Kraven the Hunter will be the primary villain in the Spectacular Spider-Man, though no official confirmation has been given. Working under that presumption, however, I have complied a list of three actors I think would be the perfect Kraven the Hunter. Now the hardest part of this was finding a person who could pull off a Russian accent and have huge muscles capable of taking down large game bare handed, however accents can be learned and muscle can be gained (as we learned from Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.) So without further ado I give you Kraven!

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer has held his own against the likes of Superman, as he faced off against Henry Cavil in this summer's The Man from U.N.C.L.E, proving that he would be a worthy adversary for Spider-man. His Russian accent for the same film was also spot on which means he could easily step into the role of Kraven. However, Armie seems to usually be cast in a heroic role so it's unclear how well he'd do in a villainous position, his acting chops are definitely up there though!

Manu Bennett

Manu is known among the superhero fandom as playing Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke on the CW show Arrow. However, his physical prowess was also showcased in The Hobbit trilogy as he played the white Orc Azog. As well as portraying a Spartan in the television show Spartacus. There's no doubt he can easily bring down a vicious animal with his own hands, but he also has proven his knack for evil on several occasions.

Gerard Butler

Although it's been awhile since Gerard has had to have a massive physique, his role in 300 definitely proves he can be one scary guy. Gerard has the acting chops to potray this iconic villain and could easily do a Russian accent. He also stands at 6'2, a scary height for the 5'8 Tom Holland who will be playing our Spider-Man.

All three men, in my honest opinion, would be fantastic as Kraven the Hunter. They all have the acting chops to portray the villain, all have proven they can have the physicality the role necessitates, and they have all proven to be masters of accents (each one having had roles with different accents). If the rumors do end up being true, and we see Kraven the Hunter grace our screen within the next couple years, I hope Sony and Marvel choose one of these actors to play him!


Who do you think should play Kraven?


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