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As some of you may know, the new Far Cry game has just been announced. Far Cry Primal is the next installment to the Far Cry series of first person open-world video games. I have only played Far Cry 4 and I love it; it's like my Fallout and Skyrim. I was immersed in the country of Kyrat and it's civil war, the characters (most), and its deep history. I was eagerly thinking about potential settings for the next Far Cry like Blood Dragon 2 or the Vietnam War. But today, the trailer for Primal was released and it disappointed me that Ubisoft is now treating this as another Assassin's Creed and milking the franchise. I used to enjoy the Assassin's Creed games but after the disaster that was Unity, I was disappointed and gave up on the franchise. My opinions on this trailer are mixed.

I like the idea and unique setting, but what they should have done is what I thought EA should of done for Battlefield Hardline and drop the Far Cry license and release as it's own new I.P instead of a follow up to popular franchise. Just imagine if Dying Light was released with the F.E.A.R license? It doesn't feel right; it feels weird and wrong and doesn't make a lot of sense. Now I'm not saying that the game will suck because I'm open to the game being good, but I just have to say to Ubisoft that they are walking on some thin ice now. You have a great franchise but don't repeat your mistake with the Assassin's Creed franchise. You could lose a lot of fans of the franchise. They shouldn't treat this like Assassin's Creed and if you rlease them yearly, then take the Call of Duty approach and have three studios working on different games like Infinity Ward making COD: Ghosts, Sledgehammer making Advance Warfare, and Treyarch doing the Black Ops games.


Let me know what setting do you want a new Far Cry game? This isn't from their survey, this is my wish list but you can pick which is your favorite.


Far Cry setting wish list


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