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Nicholas Baumgartner

I know that many of you in the community like playing online games. New games like Destiny: The Taken King have hit shelves, and the online game community is larger than ever before. But there's a dark side to this newfound glory, and it lurks around every corner. It's brooding fingers stretch out to wrap us all. Know what it is?


Logan's angry...
Logan's angry...

You heard me. I'm willing to bet that almost every gamer has gotten angry at least once, and there are more than a few broken controllers and keyboards to prove it. But I'm not just talking about gaming here. I also speak to the entire Moviepilot community. People like us have a lot of quirks, not the least of which is a certain devotion to the movies we love. The only problem is, the way we want things isn't necessarily the way things are. Fans get upset when the actors they think should play a role are not cast as that role, or not even doing that movie at all. People write hate mail to directors, threatening them that, "unless this is a certain way, we will have your head" and so forth. This is unexemplary behavior, and it is high time that these practices come to an end. I repeat:

These practices must stop.

Please stop.
Please stop.

For too long fans have held directors and actors to high expectations, regardless of threats. But this has prevented the community from actually enjoying their moviegoing experience. And the thing is, it's all right to have opinions, and to express them in reviews and such, but opinions are just that, opinions, and we have no right to impress those opinions on people. Anger at the directors, actors, and others has to be contained. Otherwise you could end up alienating your fan base, your friends, neighbors, and companions. I could go into more detail, but this isn't a medical magazine, this is about the movie community. The hysteria is unfounded, and control is key, especially for us, as people look to us to tell them about their favorite subjects. Unbiased reporting is what our duty is, to the community, and ourselves.


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