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How's it going, MoviePilot readers! It's good to be back at MoviePilot after a long-term hiatus. Let's get down to brass tax, shall we?

Tonight's season premiere of The Flash did not disappoint. I mean, we're just jumping back in after a season full of insanity, and the insanity will only get worse.

First, we have the coming of the Atom Smasher, godson to the famous Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt. I love everything about how he turned out.

And we eventually find out,

He's an agent of Zoom. Apparently, Zoom promised him he would be reunited with his wife. Maybe, or maybe it's someone else. But it's most likely that Zoom won't keep his promise. Villains.

It's clear this guy wants to send a message to Barry, letting him know he's out there waiting for him, counting the days until they are officially united. But what exactly does he have against Barry?

And it's clear that Cisco saw all of this before any of us saw it, what with his special powers. It's pretty clear we're going to see Vibe really soon. If not soon, then sometime before the season is over, but guaranteed to see him early mid-season.

And there's the arrival of Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth 2.

"My name is Jay Garrick, and your world is in danger."
"My name is Jay Garrick, and your world is in danger."

Let me tell you, I know there are some people that think that line is already getting old since the promos for season 2, but I honestly can't get enough of that phrase. It's like he is the ultimate protector of the multiverse.

I loved tonight's season premiere, and am already in total shock and awe for what might be in store the rest of the season!

Until then.....


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