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So here's a picture of all of the movie stars in ( twilight) "well it's just a picture"

Kirst swaseys :twilight saga plot ..

Vampires ,in the same house like one adopted family . A high schooler falls in love with a boy that she does not know yet "that the boy she meets in a class is a scary ( vampire ) she was conifused for a few days because the boy /guy she just met she starred in his eyes and so he looked back at her. The same evolving way to have a crush on .

Name was Edward , when he got back Isabella wanted to know why he was gone for more than a day in her class . So Bella thought it was getting weird, one day Bella saw Edward in the parking lot across from her car .

What Bella didn't know was their was a car turning into hers with the slick rain on the road. Before she even. Noticed the car of her friends slid next to her truck Edward ran jumped in front of her pushed his hand and stopped the van. From one arm to stop the car from hitting her.

after she got drove in too the hospital too see if when was okey the doctor was Edwards dad "yet she didn't know ". After a couple of years they got to be togothere . Edward had met Bella in the woods asked Bella fast and smackingly "Bella marry me"

the end .


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