ByAaron Lettner, writer at

All right folks! James Gunn just had a live Q&A on his Facebook page. He is well known for his fan interaction and frank question answering. The Q&A lasts about 45 min and he did address Warlock questions. Watch the Q&A. Over all its pretty good. Now concerning Warlock. When Gunn was asked who his favorite Starlin comic character he said that he loves Warlock. When asked if Warlock will be in gotg vol. 2 he told the audience that we will all have to wait and see and that he will not name any of the new characters that will be in gotg vol. 2...period. so looks like we have a long wait ahead of us unless there is a future leak. Also Gunn talked about infinity war 1 and 2 and mentioned it as a whole other creature and he alludes that it may not be anything like the comics. He also stated that gotg vol. 2 will be its own story and will not be a lead in to infinity war. Take it as you will. If you want to watch specifically the part that pertains to Warlock it's about 25:10 into the Q&A session. In my opinion this does not really tell us anything new in regards to Warlock in the MCU. Let me know what you think.


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