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Can you believe that Twilight was released 10 years ago? Well it has been that long since teen girls all over the world fell in love with Edward and Bella. The new novel, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, will be the same story with a little bit of a new twist to it. The main characters will all switch genders.

Introducing Edythe, Beau, and Julie. Previously known as Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Author Stephanie Meyer went on Good Morning America this morning to talk about it's release. She said that she wanted to do something exciting for the anniversary for the fans but she also did it for a much bigger reason.

For as long as the Twilight series has been loved by the entire teen female population, it has been under fire. People complained about how Bella was a damsel in distress and she was "too consumed with her love interest, as if that’s somehow just a girl thing" but Meyer says that Bella was a "human in distress" and that the novels were about what it's like to have first love. Meyer took this as a challenge and took it upon herself to prove that those kind of emotions can be felt by all people.

The author also said that writing this version was “fun, but also really fast and easy.” She was able to go in and fix some things that she wasn't happy with like grammar and consistency. Meyer made the announcement about a surprise coming for the 10th anniversary at the Forever Twilight Festival in Forks, Washington last month. Many got excited that she was finally going to release Midnight Sun, the first novel from Edward's percpective that was put on hold indefinitely after it was leaked, but sadly it is not so.

So what do you think Twihards? Excited? Should they make another movie? Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is out now!


Was 'Life and Death' a good idea?


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