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So, if you're a Gotham fan, surely by now you've seen the latest, most shocking episode of the brand new season, a season that's making sure we forget about the mild mannered first one and it's taking us in a trully violent, awesomely entertaining thrill ride that most of us weren't expecting. But in case you haven't seen the latest episode, BE WARNED, SPOILERS AHEAD.

I think the creators of Gotham have a problem in their hands, a bittersweet one at that. You see, when they got together to create this character Jerome, I bet they were very excited at the prospect of having a characer that would get all of us fan's expectations roaring with the idea of getting the Joker so early into the game and doing so much damage so fast. I imagine they were eager to getting all of our hopes real high just to kill him off in what was arguably the show's most shocking moment to date. And it was a brilliant plan for my money, the surprise factor was off the charts (although people will always say they saw it coming). The only problem with this tho:


The portrayal of Jerome was so good that some people are calling it the best villain on the show so far. Don't get me wrong, I got nothing but respect for Robin Taylor's work as The Penguin, but I gotta say, in just a couple of episodes Jerome became a fan favorite and deservingly so. There was just something beautifully dark about his take on the character, something that reminded me a bit of Ledger's brilliance while also bringing something new to the table. And now, HE'S DEAD! Of course, some people might say he wasn't the real Joker and I guess they're right in a way but it really doesn't matter because in our collective minds he in fact was. It doesn't matter if he didn't call himself the Joker, he sounded and acted like him so for most people he was the Joker.

So, you see, I think Gotham's writers now have a problem on their hands because if they were ever planning on bringing the real Joker to the show, now whoever plays him will have to compete with not only the iconic Ledger's performance but also with the fresher and REALLY GOOD newer take on the character. Let's hope whoever's next is up to the task...


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