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What is the difference between a "damsel in distress" and a human in distress? Is it just that damsel in distress tends to be more female based? Either way, the topic of Twilight isn’t always a good conversation starter since a lot of people have their own personal opinions on it. My opinion happens to be that Bella Swan is a damsel in distress no matter how hard Stephanie Meyer wants to try and prove us all wrong.

We all know that Twilight became a pretty large franchise when it was turned into a movie. In fact, some may say that Twilight ruined the vampire world for a lot of people, what with the sparkling vampires that Stephanie Meyer wrote about. Reading the novels and comparing them to the movies that were made it is rumored that Stephanie Meyer made Bella Swan a damsel in distress. A lot of Bella’s actions throughout the series actually justifies that comment, but Ms. Meyer swears that she is not a damsel in distress, but instead a human in distress. In order to prove her point Ms. Meyer has rewritten Twilight and changed the genders of the characters. Edward has become Edythe, Bella has become Beau, and Jacob has become Julie. A lot of people are arguing that the relationship Bella and Edward had was abusive and now with this rewrite of the story there are rumors that instead of an abusive relationship, the entire relationship will be based on jealousy.

So what makes a damsel in distress? For starters, the damsel usually needs saving from any kind of trouble by a white knight. Bella swan meets the criteria of a damsel in distress to a T by my standards. In the first novel/movie she meets Edward, the supposed "white knight". He tries to push her away, but she keeps pursuing him and finally he allows himself to be close to her. He brings her along to a family baseball game and that’s when the trouble starts and Bella becomes the prey to other vampires. Edward sends her off with his siblings to be hidden, but Bella still ends up being lured away into danger in which Edward still has to save her. The second novel demonstrates the same story plot as the first, except Bella initially almost destroys herself by falling into a deep depression. Her white knight this time isn’t Edward, but Jacob, her best friend. The third novel again has Bella being the center of all the drama. She’s being hunted yet again and Edward and Jacob both have to save her from the traveling vampire that is after her. Finally, within the fourth novel the damsel in distress role is somewhat dropped from Bella once her baby is born, but the start of the novel when Bella becomes pregnant has her being a damsel in distress.

I don’t believe that this new novel Stephanie Meyer has written will disprove anyone’s opinion of the novel. In reality, and in my own personal opinion, this novel is just Stephanie’s way to make more money from a franchise that has since been completed. I stand by my beliefs that Bella Swan is a damsel in distress and this new novel won’t change it.


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