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Chasing Life is a show about a 24 year old girl who was diagnosed with cancer, but it's so much more than just a 'sad cancer show.' It was also about family drama, secret lives, falling in love, growing up, surviving high school, and figuring out who you are in life. Cancer was just a piece of the show, there was so much other drama rolling around that small piece. But that small piece of the show did something huge. It showed the world that young adults get cancer too. Most people graduate high school and go on to college or start working in their career, but there are a huge percentage of young adults who get diagnosed with cancer. It's a real thing and it happens, it happened to me. When you think of cancer you think of sick old people or a small child, not someone who is 20-something who should be trying to figure out their life. Most people don't realize young adults get cancer, at least I didn't until it happened to me. I soon realized that young adult/ adolescents (AYA) are the most forgotten about, unrecognized cancer group. Chasing Life helped change that. It became the face of young adult cancer. It started off with one girl, April the main character getting cancer, and by the end of the second season 5 other characters had cancer. It was a way for people with cancer to connect, people who have family members with cancer, people who know someone who died of cancer to connect, to heal, to learn and to experience what it is like to be diagnosed with cancer.

'There are many other shows about cancer, what is so special about this one' some may say. But Chasing Life is the most realistic depiction of cancer that the media has to offer, it is true to life, and it doesn't glamorous cancer or make it 'fun' but it shows the truth about what it is really like for a cancer patient. There are parts in it that are so realistic that it is hard for me to watch because I know exactly how it feels, but imagine someone who doesn't have cancer watching that now they can visualize what it is like to be receiving chemo or other cancer treatment. Getting to experience the stress that a cancer diagnosis puts on a family, or learning how people react to their once normal friend who now has cancer is a great thing to learn. Chasing Life teaches people how to treat young adults with cancer. It has been a show that my cancer friends and I can so easily relate to. It's a show for us, a show that give us hope.

The nice thing about this show is it isn't just for people who are fighting cancer, all sorts of people who are going though any battle can relate to it because it isn't just a show about cancer its a show about fighting for whats important. This show is important. This show is worth fighting for. Chasing Life is a show about real problems that some how everyone can relate to. It shows us how to survive and how to live, how to stay strong and keep fighting even when everyone and everything is against you. It's about doing what ever makes you happy and not caring about what other people think about you. It's a real show, with real problems that real people face today. It shows us how to overcome obstacles, that we are not alone even if we think we are.

The characters in the show are so relatable, even if isn't with the main character April who is struggling to find out how to be an adult and juggle a career with a cancer diagnoses. Maybe its her sister Brenna who is still in high school trying to figure out who she is and who her real friends are. Or their Mom Sara who is navigating being a newly widowed single parent. Maybe even Beth the quirky best friend who always has some awkward spunky comment for every situation. The characters are so well written that they come off as some one you know, someone you work with, go to school with, or someone who is your best friend.

Sadly Chasing Life ended before its time, and left the world with huge cliff hangers of what happens to all the characters. Chasing Life needs a proper ending, it needs to another season to show people to keep fighting, to fight for your dreams and it just might happen. To keep fighting for you life. It needs another season so it can inspire more people to keep living, fighting, and dreaming. We need another season of Chasing Life because we need a new perspective on life, on how to fight, and how to live.

This show has inspired, comforted, educated, so many people that I just wanted to thank the amazing writers and creative team for creating this show in the first place. With out you guys I would still be so lost in my cancer journey. Thank you for making a realistic show that fights for me, and with me. Thank you for giving AYA's a voice. To the amazing cast, thank you for portraying such honest characters that inspire and give hope to people. Thank you so much for this strangely addicting wonderful show.

To all the people out there who watched the show and are fighting some battle weather it is cancer, bullies, mental illness or some other issues, KEEP FIGHTING and NEVER loose hope. We might not have this show anymore to support us but that doesn't mean we have to forget what it taught us.

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