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Warning→ Full spoilers to follow.

The Flash finally returned ! After months of wondering how Barry closed the wormhole that threatened Central City, we finally got some answers to fill the blanks.

Ronnie Raymond is gone

We now know that Firestorm is the one who closed the singularity by using his atomic powers. Unfortunately, Professor Stein was the only one to get out of the wormhole, letting Ronnie allegedly dead. I didn't use the word dead, because as EP Andrew Kreisberg clarified: "You’re never really dead when you’re on The Flash". Kreisberg also explained that it was Robbie Amell's movie career that forced them to kill off his character, just like Colton Haynes on Arrow. However, with alternate realities, we may not have heard the last of Ronnie Raymond.

Barry became a "lone wolf"

Courtesy of The CW
Courtesy of The CW

After the events of the finale, Barry cut ties with all his friend and family, afraid that something might happen to them because of him. Eddie and Ronnie's deaths were logically going to affect Barry in a big way. We saw him struggling with the consequences of his actions while trying to protect the city by himself. Of course, the menace of Atom-Smasher will force Barry to reunite with his team again.

Harrison Wells confession video

Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne wasn't as evil as we thought. We knew that the hate Thawne had for future Barry didn't spread to the Barry we know. On the contrary, Thawne had affection for Barry, loved his own way. And him confessing Nora Allen's murder is a new proof of what we already knew. This action adds even more nuance to the character.

The Allen Family's reunited

Wells confession led to what Barry fought all those years: his father was freed of all charges. It allowed a wonderful scene between Barry's old and new family. It reminds us how much this show values family, friendship. This type of scene doesn't work on every show but here it's so natural. Only issue, Henry departure felt a little rushed in my opinion. I get the will to speed up things a bit, but they could have wait an episode or two before making him leave.

Atom-Smasher was just a pawn

This didn't came much as a surprise. We already knew Atom-Smasher would only be a one-time villain. What we didn't knew is that he was just a pawn in the masterplan of this seasons "big bad", Zoom. He wants to kill the Flash, but to what goal ? The producers said that, just like the Reverse-Flash, Zoom motives will be simple to understand. I guess we'll find out by the midseason finale.

Special mention: How great Cisco was this week ? His line: "I think I saw it in a comic book", was just an awesome reference to Batman, even if we're not close to see Gotham's protector in the DC TV Universe.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on the CW.


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