ByRicky Watson, writer at

*Spoilers Ahead* Entering the first episode of season 2 of The Flash, you would have thought that we would see an entire episode focused on the climatic events that ended the season finale of The Flash season 1. Instead, we only see tidbits of those events in flashbacks and jump straight into six months later.

Emotionally distraught over the fact that Firestorm supposedly died in the black hole event trying to save him, Barry Allen tries to make it on his own as a solo act without "Team Flash" by his side. The one bright spot during this time was the fact the mayor gave him the key to Central City in The Flash Day. However, it was during this time, a new super villain, Atom Smasher, comes onto the scene and Barry realizes he needs the help of his old Star Labs team.

With the help of Martin Stein, the other (supposedly) surviving half of Firestorm, Cisco, Caitlyn, Iris, and Joe, Barry as The Flash is able to take down Albert Rothstein, a.k.a. Atom Smasher.

The second bright spot in the episode is the release of Barry's father from prison after an attorney leaves a flash drive with Barry that contains Harrison Wells' confession of murdering his mother.

In the end, the original Flash, as Jay Garrick, from an alternate universe walks into Star Labs to warn the team of imminent danger.

For a season premiere, it wasn't the best episode ever nor was it the worse. At times the story seemed to be a bit rushed but it was understandable if you consider what may happen over the course of the series. This episode was a set up episode for the entire season 2 of bigger and better things to come. So is it worth the watch? Of course it is. It is The Flash.


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