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Jennifer Aniston was pressed into chatting about the Friends reunion for the 56,897th time on the Graham Norton Show last night, but her morbid answer might not really fit with the lighthearted nature of the show!

When Irish chat show host Norton bought up the possibility of a reunion, Anniston seemed up for it but only in a very, very long time. Possibly when the clan are dead. See what I mean in the clip below:

While 'Dead Friends' obviously has some serious technical difficulties, I'm pretty sure the public would be totally down for some 'Golden Friends' in a couple of decades time, and this is what the cast could look like then thanks to the technological wonders of Aging Booth!

Jennifer Gran-iston

Oldy Fox

Lisa So-Old

Matt Le Gramp

Matthew Pappy

David Brylcreem

(Source: Entertainment Times and Aging Booth)


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