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Rob Harris

Screen Junkies' mercilessly candid Honest Trailer series stands unmatched in its ability to tear apart our favorite movies while leaving even their most ardent fans grinning widely.

Their latest video, which takes aim at Disney's beloved Aladdin, tackles the animated feature's more un-PC elements and is, as expected, hilarious...

Meet Jasmine, a princess struggling with the ultimate first world problem

Meet Aladdin, a street urchin who inexplicably opted for nipple-removal surgery

Meet Genie, a spirit so powerful he can do impressions of people who won't be born for hundreds of years

And Jafar, whose goatee, black robes and snake staff ready should have given away his villainous intentions

Oh, and then there's the small yet highly disturbing issue of Jasmine's age. Watch the full honest trailer below, and prepare to look at this childhood classic in a completely different light:

[Source: HonestTrailers]


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