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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I'm so excited about the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel airing tonight that I've watched this promo about ten times...

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is a man who knows what he wants. Despite the backlash from some fans over his decision to cast Lady Gaga in the show, Murphy has been so impressed with Gaga's performance that he's already craving more...

The Gaga-obsessed writer announced his future plans on Twitter:

What do you guys think? I've always quite liked Gaga and am curious to see if she has good chemistry with the other American Horror Story cast members. Besides, the first episode airs TONIGHT so today is the day that we're finally able to judge Gaga's performance...

EW shared some pretty cool photos that indicate the kind of glamour-edged-with-violence that we can expect from our new Hotel owner.

There's a glittering array of talented cast members lined up for American Horror Story: Hotel - you can check out the full cast list here - so I can't wait for the show to begin.

Personally, the thing I'm most excited to see is Lily Rabe as America's most famous serial killer, Aileen Wuornos...


Who would you rather see return for American Horror Story season 6?

Source: Twitter, EW, YouTube

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