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If you were looking for an awesome and (relatively) achievable look this halloween, then prepare to be inspired by YouTuber Promise Phan's step by step tutorials. Alongside Disney princesses and one hella awesome Drake make-over, here are some brilliant and creepy face-painting tips which are perfect for the upcoming fright fest.

From a stitched up mouth to mystic mutants, here are 7 of our favorites...

1. Stitched Mouth

So simple, so effective. Only downside is you'll have to drink through a straw, but who cares when you'll look this creepy!

2. Zombie Skull Girl

This skeleton could teach even Kim Kardashian a thing or two about contouring.

3. The Joker

Using actual scar wax to create this look is seriously cool.

4. Face in a Face

Send those trick-or-treaters running with this trippy, optical illusion face art

5. Cheshire Cat

Create a Cheshire cat even Tim Burton would be proud of.

6. Harley Quinn

No doubt you'll look awesome in this Harley Quinn get-up, Puddin'.

7. Mystique, X-Men

Shift into the shape of this majestic mutant this halloween!

Check out many, many more face art tutorials from Promise Phan over on her YouTube pages. Here's the first page and here's the second. Enjoy, and say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon!

Source: Cosmopolitan


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