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Magnificent settings, enchanting heroines, adorable furry critters and happily-ever-afters: Disney sure knows how to make our hearts flutter in a flurry of happy feelings. But do you know the true origins of all of your favorite Disney movies?

Well, I'm sure you'll be surprised to know that before the studio worked its magic on the following tales, they had to downplay some of the horrific storylines permeating the action.

So, take a moment to recall how warm and fuzzy all those magical Disney movies made you feel, because the following is about to mercilessly shatter all of that to pieces:

1. There are no dancing snowmen or goofy reindeers in the original Frozen story

Disney's epic snow-fest was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, a story that isn't quite as cheery as you might think.

In fact, the original tale involved a shattered magical mirror that turned people into the cruelest beings ever, incapable of ever feeling joy or seeing beauty. And when the mirror accidentally shatters, the pieces are scattered all over the world, with splinters landing in people's hearts, turning them evil.

2. Pinocchio actually murders Jiminy Cricket in Carlo Collodi's novel

In the original novel, Jiminy Cricket never actually gets round to singing 'When You Wish Upon a Star.' When the little creature turns up to give Pinocchio some advise, the little wooden boy's response is to murder him with a mallet.


3. In the original Brothers Grimm story of Cinderella, the stepsisters meet a grisly end

In the movie, the two ugly stepsisters live on in a jealous rage at Cinderella's happily ever after with the prince. However, in the original story, the unfortunate-looking ladies are left horrendously disfigured from trying to force their puffy feet into that precious glass slipper. In fact, one of them cuts off her toes, while the other slices off her heels, in desperation.

Oh and if that wasn't enough, when Cinderella and her prince finally unite at the royal wedding, white doves descend on the gruesome twosome and gouge out their eyes.


4. Rapunzel from Tangled was never rescued

In the real tale, Rapunzel's escape never even takes place because when the prince tries to rescue her from her tower, he's permanently blinded and thrown into a thorn bush. Meanwhile, she's left stuck up there until she's cast out into a desert, where she gives birth to twins and lives in misery for years.

5. The Evil Queen is tortured at the end of the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

When Snow White finally goes to marry her prince at the end of the fairytale, out of the goodwill of their hearts they invite the Evil Queen to the ceremony. However, upon her arrival, she's made to wear a pair of hot iron shoes and to dance until she dies of excruciating pain.

Honestly, I think I'd rather fall off a cliff.

6. Despite all her efforts, Prince Eric still marries someone else at the end of The Little Mermaid

The tale originally comes from a Danish tale called 'Den Lille Havfrue,' written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1836. As the story goes, despite all of the mermaid's attempts to become human, having her voice being ruthlessly taken away by the Sea Witch and the horrific pain she experiences every time she walks on her human legs, the prince still chooses to wed someone else.

In the end, she refuses to stab the prince in the heart to get her fish tail back and instead, drowns herself in the ocean in despair. When she dies, her fragile little body transforms into sea foam and simply floats silently away. Now, isn't that heart-breaking?

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