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For generations, Disney has been a hub of creativity and innovation, inspiring the minds and hearts of children and adults alike. From drawings to computer generated images, animation has always been a strong suit for the studio.

Now, Disney Research hopes to bring a touch of that Disney magic home and put it into the hands of children everywhere.

The augmented reality coloring app created by Stéphane Magnenat and his team shows us how flat and boring our coloring books were as kids, and we didn't even realize it.

The future of coloring books

This certainly puts all of my childhood drawings to shame.

Real-time texture synthesis

But how do they do it?

Building a static lookup map

Building a static lookup map assigns a pixel of the drawing to every pixel of the texture, giving the final product an accurately textured look.

Deformable surface tracking method

Meaning the image created on the tablet can, in real-time, align with the movement of the curved paper.

The studies conducted showed that those who tested the app left with a greater connection to the character, more motivation to draw and create, and the desire to use the app again in the future.

In short, this app is freakin' awesome. I might be an adult, but I can't wait to color my own dancing rainbow elephant!

To read more about this project, you can read the Disney Research publication HERE.

(Source: Disney Research)


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