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The [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) beta kicks off today and already we are seeing some seriously insane gameplay. In our brief time behind the proverbial wheel of Battlefront, we have already experienced some truly out of this world encounters.

From giant towering Walkers stomping through the battlegrounds to nimble X-Wing Fighters shooting down Imperial adversaries right above our heads. The gameplay is fast and relentless. Thus far, it looks like a truly fitting edition to the shooter genre not to mention a stellar contribution to the ever expanding Star Wars franchise.

The Footage

But none of those encounters are as epic as when we see the two kingpin characters of the series go head-to-head on the icy plains of Hoth. The hero characters can be accessed by any player regardless of rank via certain specific locations on the maps. It works in the same way as the special weapon pick ups do in the Battlefield series.

The following footage first showcases Darth Vader entering into a Lightsaber battle with Luke Skywalker. Apparently if the two players hit the heavy attack button at the same time they will enter into a deadly Lightsaber lock, where one must overpower the other.

To do this, it is a straight forward button mash. Whoever hits that button more times wins. The loser is then sent into a stunned state leaving the other player free to either finish him or continue slaying the opposition.

Are They Overpowered?

A question that I have been asked a fair bit, and the answer is a definite no. The characters are certainly not invincible and can actually be quite ineffective in the wrong hands. The character will only last as long as your kill bar allows -- basically players must kill prolifically to keep their energy kill bar up. Once the bar is depleted, the player returns to their original state and re-enters the fight.

Are There Really No Iron Sights?

Although not incorporating the 'iron sight' mechanic, the gameplay will 'like Battlefield' have a class type system which will allow the player to snipe, blast or assault his or her way to the emperor -- the choice is yours.

Plus, instead of an iron sight (aim down the sight mechanic), the player will have the ability to zoom in on a target, like shooters of old. In actual fact it makes it easier than using ADS and allows for a faster-paced firefights.

Battlefront will launch on November 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Soon players all around the world will see for for the first time a world beyond the stars. In Star Wars: Battlefront players will immerse themselves in the ultimate Star Wars experience.

Star Wars: Battlefront is the ultimate Star Wars battle experience, brought to life by DICE.

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Source: Video courtesy of YouTuber JackFrags


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