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Since he lost his tattoo virginity on his 16th birthday in March 2010, Justin Bieber has amassed a pretty impressive collection of ink on his ripplingly hot bod. So now, when a new one appears, it hardly catches us by surprise.

Yet, there's something different about this one. On Tuesday, Biebs generously shared a sneaky pic of his most recent tattoo, a sentiment that seems to hold a lot of meaning for the 'What Would You Do?' singer.

Posting a shirtless image of himself on his Instagram, fans were graced with the word 'Purpose' in a cursive scrawl on his six-pack abs and right above his navel. It joins his 'Forgive' tattoo just below and a tiny seagull (apparently the first tattoo he ever had done!) on the opposite side.

And in case you were left thinking that Justin was off his nut and got the ink etched into his skin the wrong way round, remember that the photo was clearly taken in a mirror. Here's what it would look like otherwise:

The latest addition to Justin's ever-growing body art collection is bound to raise some eyebrows, partly making us wonder what 'purpose' Biebs is actually rattling on about, and also whether this new move is a simply a big nod to his long-awaited fourth studio album.

After all, the star has the word 'Believe' on his left forearm in honor of his 2012 album of the same name. So, it's probably safe to suggest that when the next one drops on November 13, it will be called 'Purpose?'

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