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The Attack on Titan movie has only just been released to the US, but thanks to poor reviews from Japan and Funimation's botched subtitles, the response is already far from favourable. Despite being endorsed by the creator of the original Shingeki No Kyojin manga, the Attack On Titan live action movie slashes the plot, altering key elements and changing characters to the point where they're unrecognisable to their original counterparts. Add that to pacing issues and a shaky script, and you've got one gigantic fan-insulting mess. Or that's the general consensus, anyway.

Hopes that the Japanese audiences were merely too harsh were dashed when the film was released in America last week, and US fans took to the internet to vent their frustrations over the movie. Of course, there will be moviegoers who enjoyed Attack On Titan part 1, but they're certainly being quiet about it! So just what has got everyone up in arms? And can this sneak peak at season 2 of the anime restore fan dedication to the franchise?

"Please, Eat Them All"

Having followed this trainwreck from the beginning, you'd think I'd get tired of reading scathing reviews, but honestly it's the most entertaining thing about the Attack On Titan release. Which is a shame: the Attack On Titan anime quickly rose to international fame after the manga became a cult hit, and with a compelling plot and engaging characters it's easy to see why.

The story is equal parts horrifying and fascinating, taking you on an emotional journey as you watch humanity struggle against all the odds to win back their freedom.

The strengths of the original anime and manga lie in both the horror of the human devouring Titans, and the interesting characters who are unusual and often defy expectations and subvert stereotypes. However, this is where the movie ultimately fails. While being praised for its special effects, which take the Titans to a new level of terror, the filmmakers made some questionable choices regarding the characters and story.

By ignoring most of the plot, they robbed the characters (especially Eren) of their motivations, while the poor writing saps all personality from the story. IGN's Miranda Sanchez sums this up best with her recent review...

"Mikasa is a cowering, pouty girl and serves as a love interest for two of the characters instead of being a badass protector. Even Eren’s angst had some sort of depth in the original story, but with his motivator completely different, he just feels like an overreacting jerk. The other characters are bland, one-dimensional, and usually only serve one purpose on screen."

And Sanchez is not along in thinking this - she subtitles her article "please, eat them all", which echoes the Japanese critic Cho Eiga Hihyo who said "I wished the titans would eat the kids so it would end."

Considering the characters were one of the main reasons the Shingeki No Kyojin anime and manga became so popular, the choice to change them was certainly a bold one on the part of the movie studio Toho, and it's a gamble that didn't really pay off. But never fear! 2016 will finally see the release of the anime's second season, and we've got a sneak peak!

Back With A Bang

I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to find out what happens. Season 1 ended with an epic fight between Titan shifters Eren and Annie, with Mikasa delivering the final, defeating blow. It was a rousing finish to the immensely popular first season, but while the season 1 plot arcs were concluded, the finale left us with a huge cliffhanger - just why are the walls FILLED WITH TITANS?!

(Ok, if you read the manga you know why, but there's still a few of us waiting for the anime to give us the big reveals!)

Attack On Titan season 2 jumps straight into this issue, with fan favourite Hanji aggressively pursuing the answer to that burning question. Without further ado, here's the leaked teaser!

Damn, Hanji doesn't pull punches, but it's good to know she's not ready to straight up murder a dude when he doesn't give her the information she wants. The preview doesn't give us any answers... yet, but it proves that season 2 will be just as exciting and action-packed as the first season. On the tails of the live action movie disaster, and with Attack On Titan Part 2: End Of The world a flop in Japan, season 2 of the anime couldn't come at a better time.

Have you seen the Attack On Titan movie yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments, or write your own review here on Moviepilot!

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