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Despite it's risqué subject matter*, the latest breakout horror movie from Bennet Silverman, Handjob Cabin: The Birth of Morning Wood, has already won credits from various prestigious and industry-respected festivals. Officially selected at Yarmom's, Amidextrous Whack Off and Troytits, this truly terrifying tale should be tossed to the top of your must-see list, pronto.

Loosely based on Cabin in the Woods, the narrative treads the traditional path of fear as four friends take a vacation in a remote forest cabin. Their aims for a relaxing break soon get whacked out of the ballpark as they discover they're sharing their vacation home with a severely sexually frustrated ghost. Complete with callous covered hands and strong wrists, when it comes to hand-jobs, this devilish demon sure isn't jerking around.

As they're made aware of previous cases of hand job homicides, things quickly go from worse to worse.

And even those you'd deem biologically excused from the horror meet the same grizzly fate.

Using only her hands as a deadly weapon, the Handjob Ghost (played by Jenna Willis) is undoubtably one of the scariest horror villains to hit our screens this year.

Check out the trailer:

*Just kidding, it's a spoof!

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