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Karly Rayner

Cara Delevingne has had a run in with the paparazzi that ended in physical contact, but the altercation was not as violent as you might think.

When photographers and press were blocking the pavement outside the Paris restaurant L’Avenue that Delevingne was heading to with Kendall Jenner and St. Vincent, the 23-year-old British model got her own back in her signature humorous style.

Instead of shoving the paparazzo in anger, Cara turned around and playfully shoved the man in question while he had his back turned before running off joking, "I pushed him, I pushed him!" to a chorus of laughter from those around her. Check out the video below:

After the incident, Cara also threw up a tweet that read:

Even if it was as good natured as a clash between star and pap can be, it looks like it's definitely safer to keep out of this one's way!

(Source: Gossip Cop)


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