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A common thing that us movie fans like to do (because let's face it, it's fun to talk trash about movies) is jump on movies for having plot holes. In many cases, we're completely justified in our complaints. However, a lot of the time, movies actually explain these plot holes without us realizing it.

So, being critical and skeptical is useful, but don't be too quick to judge. There is often more thought that goes into big movies than we think.

Here are six plot holes in major movies that would later be explained in the film -- possibly going over the heads of some doubters.

1. How did the Jurassic Park T-Rex fit in the Welcome Center?

Plot Hole: This one is simple enough. How did they get the giant T-Rex to fit in the Welcome Center at the park? It's obviously massive and couldn't fit through the door or windows!

Explanation: The building is under construction, so there's a hole that the T-Rex could have fit through.

2. Citizen Kane: how did he die alone and we knew he said "Rosebud?" Who heard him?!

Plot Hole: A big part of this movie is the fact that he died saying "Rosebud." We find out later.

Explanation: When the reporter interviews Kane's butler, he reveals that he was in the room with him when he died.

3. How did Bruce Wayne get back into Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises?

Plot Hole: How did Christian Bale's character get back into a sieged Gotham without the use of any of his Bat-tech?

Explanation: As we learned from Batman Begins, Wayne Mansion is not actually in Gotham and has many secret tunnels back into the city.

4. Why would Obi Wan lie in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back?

Plot Hole: Obi Wan leads Luke Skywalker to believe that Darth Vader killed his father, when in fact, he is his father.

Explanation: His statement was true “from a certain point of view," as Darth Vader's entire existence kind of signified the death of Anakin.

5. Why is Brand still young at the end of Interstellar?

Plot Hole: Simply put, how did Anne Hathaway's character not age in Interstellar? She didn't go through a black hole?

Explanation: There was some time-meddling on the part of the future humans, which led to time dilation since Dr. Brand was slingshotting herself around the black hole. Gravity would have slowed down her clock as well.

6. Why didn't they both go on that door in Titanic? They could have fit!

Plot Hole: Couldn't this man have fit on the door and not frozen to death?

Explanation: They could have fit on the door together size-wise, and they try to. But since they're both cold, frightened, and frantic it would be impossible for the door to remain buoyant with both of their bodies on it. They could have taken turns but that would have been difficult as well and they may have both ended up dying.

Boom. Which was your favorite?

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