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Now that Disney owns the rights to Marvel, the gateway for all sorts of potential out-of-this-world crossovers has opened, and while the mere idea might put a bitter taste in the mouth of some comic book purists, Disney Avengers looks like it would be an absolute banger.

SomethingSomethingTraLaLa has dreamed up what the first encounter between Nick Fury and Elsa would look like in the storyboard below, and when you think about the tone of both movies, it makes a lot more sense than you might initially imagine. See how the tale unravels below to see what I mean:

Just in case it's unclear to you which Disney characters have been cast as the Avengers for the small, slightly blurry picture above, these are the lucky guys who have been selected as part of the elite fighting force:

Wreck It Ralph/The Incredible Hulk

Baymax/Iron Man

Anna/Captain America

Merida/Hawk Eye

Elsa/Black Widow


But, do you think they made the right choices?

(Source: Imgur)


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