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It's important that this movie happened as when the Marvel movie choices have been Iron Man, Thor, Captain America & the 2 Avenger movies, chances are that some fans and general movie goers will get jaded and be wanting some diversity in terms of choices/options.

Enter the Guardians. The visual style of the movie is like JJ Abraham's Star Trek meets Iron Man. The humour is very quick reacting and dry-wit. But it works well for the chemistry of actors with rapidly rising star, Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Racoon, Vin Disel as the voice of Groot & the enchanting Zoe Zsaldana as the tough yet beautiful fighter Gamora.

The formula does go with the tried and tested method of a group talented outcasts that you don't think would come together, but you see them start to work together as a team with Pratt's StarLord as the most unlikely of leaders.

If there's one flaw that I can critique with this flick is that I felt the runtime could have gone on longer.

it's very similar to the Avengers in that the pace was kept so fluid that you don't notice the time go. But that in turn is also the sign of a very good movie.

I don't think anyone turned in a bad performance. Not one.

Visuals and special effects are just of this world, no pun intended.

If you weren't sure about this movie before watching it, you will after seeing this.


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