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• Green Arrow

By far the greatest new part of the show. Yes Oliver Queen is a hero again but the Arrow is dead. So the Green Arrow is born we have waited 3 whole seasons but now we get what we have been waiting for. Seeing Oliver don the suit for the first time will be a highlight for all DC and Green Arrow fans as well as watchers of the Arrowverse. This is only the beginning though it will take time for the full “Green” part of his name to take effect, by seasons end hopefully no longer the mysterious vigilante targeted by task forces but the vigilante hero of Star City like Batman is to Gotham. Teases towards different types of arrows are a must.

• Heroes

Diggle is finally going to become a full-fledged hero with a special gun, jacket and that very Magneto looking helmet. Apparently he is getting a codename. Fingers crossed for “Guardian”. This would be fitting as he is in a way Oliver’s Guardian since he became his body guard back in season 1. Curtis Holt will be a worker in Palmer Tech and take the alias of Mr. Terrific and he will be a gay incarnation of the character. Matt Ryan will be guest starring as Constantine in the episode “haunted” aiding in the revival of Sara Lance via the Lazarus pits so she may become White Canary for Legends of Tomorrow. Hawkman will appear in the eighth episode “Legends of Yesterday” the now annual crossover with the Flash to aid the back door pilot of Legends of Tomorrow. In the flashbacks hopefully we will get teases to a green super hero, not Green Arrow I'm talking about Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Plus the main one (mentioned earlier) The Green Arrow.

• Damien Darhk

The villain, the big bad. He looks particularly sinister and cunning in the trailer’s released up until this point in time. He has been in operation for 3 months prior to episode 1 and is the leader of HIVE. He is a former member of the League of Assassins. As much as I liked Ra’s AL Ghul his character fell away in a lot of places. Hopefully Damien is a much darker villain who is just pure evil to the core. I’d love for him to kidnap and torture one of Oliver’s allies/ partners any of Laurel, Diggle, Thea or Felicity would be perfect as it would rock him to his core, over the course of at least 2 episodes.


Their well-trained army referenced as Ghosts by Black Canary (Laurel Lance).They will be a handful for the team all season. Id personally like Onomatopoeia as part of the organisation or referenced as being dead (he’s not) or let go. He could come into play in the back half of the season possibly. Via Darhk or the organisation itself references to battles with other heroes could be interesting especially a certain dark vigilante.

• Flashbacks

Amanda Waller is returning for another season of flashbacks, hopefully she will grace our screens with a presence in the present main plot against the HIVE. There are going to be some bloody moments in the flashbacks when Oliver fights Baron Reiter (not a Nazi) the leader of Shadowspire are baddie organisation in the flashbacks. Not all gruesome though there will be some steam with Oliver having a love interest this season for the flashbacks in the form of a mysterious character to be played by Elysia Rotaru.

• Thea

Living again isn't easy; the Lazarus pits do things to you. Malcolm said it best last season “you don’t have to come back” well not all of her did it may seem. She is shown fighting Oliver in the trailer, looking evil or even demonic. Looking to kill. Oliver will surely along with the others try and bring her into the light and make her healthy again. She also has a connection to the villain Anarky which could provide all sorts of moments. Her father Malcolm Merlyn now the new Ra’s Al Ghul and leader of the League of Assassins and how he will factor into her life may become evident in the third episode “Restoration” when he dons the Dark Archer hood again.

• Felicity

The love interest and the character I love to hate. Olicity annoys the crap out of me but we must suffer it or love it depends on your take due to the fan girls getting inside the producers and writers heads. She is apparently a “badass” now as seen by kicking villains and shooting a machine gun. Now also the CEO of Palmer Technologies thanks to Ray Palmer at the end of last season.

• Cops

With an anti-vigilante task force it makes me wonder how pig headed Quentin Lance is planning on being this season based on the trailer “the monster you were inspired monsters”. Maybe after Sara comes back he will get his head right. Another part of the Star City police department that will be interesting is on the anti-vigilante task force Liza Warner who looks to be working closely with Lance. A fight between her and Laurel will be awesome.

• Politics

This will be intriguing due to Oliver’s connection to politics in the comics. An old friend Danforth of the Queens will come looking to run for mayor in Star City. Due to the deaths of the past mayors Thea and Oliver know they must protect her. The villain Anarky is seen in the trailer with her their connection should also be interesting, most likely some sort of body guard/ protection detail.

• Expansion

With Thea joining the team, the old lair being destroyed and Oliver becoming the Green Arrow we have an excuse for a new high tech lair (see below). As seen in the photo below it looks almost part garage, part JL headquarters (round table) and part cave.

Arrow continues Wednesday nights on the CW.


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