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I love Horror. As a genre, it's probably one of the broadest there is. Psychological, fantasy, sci fi, supernatural, paranormal, there are so many possibilities that it's hard to find something everyone can agree on. But there's one thing we can all agree will trigger terror in anyone: a nightmare. Whatever your object of fear, be it spiders or snakes, monsters or mothers in law (sorry in-laws!), we all have something that, if it appears in our dreams, will have us waking in a cold sweat, shaking and pinching ourselves and repeating the old mantra, "it's just a nightmare."

But what if it's not?

Nightmares is a new horror series currently on Kickstarter that aims to answer that question. More precisely, it aims to terrify us with it. The show brings a whole new dynamic of interactivity to viewing in that not only to fans get to contribute through the Kickstarter to help bring the show to life, but they get to contribute and bring their nightmares to life. As the show's tagline says, "it's time to face your demons", and with Nightmares, that's exactly what you'll do. It gives fans the chance to submit their own nightmares and, if chosen, those nightmares will be reenacted on-screen as a short horror film by the likes of Doug Jones (Fantastic Four, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy), hosted by Kevin Grevioux (creator of the Underworld series) and introduced by Lance Henriksen (Aliens).

But how does it measure up?

I'm a bit of a horror snob. I don't like blood and guts unless they're at just the right time and place because I feel they do nothing to advance a story. I don't like monsters that are poorly thought out. I don't like things that rely on what could happen, because then they make me have nightm...oh wait. And there we have the crux of why I'm looking forward to Nightmares. The show could feature anything - realistic or fantastical, ridiculous or just a little too real. Anything that I dream could be on the show, and that's the joy of it. Not only does it give you nightmare fuel, but it lives the nightmares for you. Am I terrified of puppets? Heck yes. Do I want to watch a show about puppets? Heck no. Do I want the chance to potentially see Doug Jones as a possessed demon puppet that's bent on turning everyone into puppets (a recurring nightmare I had as a child...sans Doug Jones)? Oddly...yes. It's been scientifically proven that confronting your fears can help you overcome them, but where are you going to find an evil demon puppet? Nowhere, that's where. So, in a weird way, not only is Nightmares an awesome idea for a horror show, it's actually got potential to be helpful, which is an odd but fantastic combination.

But wait! There's more! (I've always wanted to say that)

Not only do fans get to help choose what will be made into episodes, but after each episode, the monster/ horror-subject of that episode will be added to a poll which will decide which is the most worthy of being in a feature film. So that psycho half-human half-spider with a bazooka could potentially be the next movie star. I dread to see the costs to tailor those suits for red carpets... Yikes.

Anyway! I shall leave it to you to be the judge. You can visit the Kickstarter for all the details here and if you really want to read more (which you'd be mad not to), it's been featured in an article on ihorror over here

Don't forget, if you like the look of it, let your friends know so the Kickstarter can get off the ground and we can get this fantastic idea in the pipeline.

Happy watching, waiting, and hiding :P


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