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Game of Thrones is one of those shows that boasts a famously involved internet fanbase and ahead of what may be the most anticipated season yet there's been a lot of chatter about new and old characters joining the cast for Season 6.

At the moment we know that a younger Ned Stark is returning in flashbacks (though rumours still flutter around Sean Bean being spotted on set), and of course there's the big "will they won't they" regarding whether or not Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will be returning from his supposed death at the end of Season 5. And now another dead character has been added to the roster for Game of Thrones Season 6, in the form of none other than Shae: Tyrion's traitorous ex-lover.

Sibel Kekilli, the German actress who portrays Shae in seasons 1 through 4, was spotted on set in Peñíscola, Spain where filming is currently underway for Season 6 of the hit HBO show.

In the leaked photos Kekilli appears conversing with actor Conleth Hill (who plays Varys) and show-runner David Benioff, so it's clear that she wasn't there just for a flying visit. She's also been snapped in costume (below) so it's safe to assume that she'll be appearing in Season 6.

As she was quite clearly strangled to death in Season 4, it's unlikely she'll be rejoining the cast in the present narrative. More likely she'll show up in a flashback (or flashbacks), presumably during her stay in King's Landing where she spent time alongside Varys.

Shae's Death

Following Tyrion (Peter Dinklage)'s marriage to Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) in Season 3, Shae feared that her Giant of Lannister did not love her anymore despite his initial reassurances to the contrary. Cersei (Lena Headey) discovers the truth of Shae's presence at court and informs her father Tywin (Charles Dance), who had previously forbidden Tyrion to bring her to court from the camp where they met.

Discovering that Cersei knows about Shae and intends to make her suffer, Tyrion realises that his lover is no longer safe and tries to send her away from King's Landing, but she refuses to leave him. He then pretends to reject her in order to force her to leave, being cruel to her with his words:

"You’re a whore. Sansa is fit to bear my children and you are not. I can’t be in love with a whore. I can’t have children with a whore? How many men have you been with? 500? 5000?"

Bronn (Jerome Flynn) claims to have taken her to board the ship to Pentos, but she later reappears as final witness against Tyrion following Joffery (Jack Gleeson)'s death.

She falsely accuses Tyrion of having kidnapped her and forced her into his bed, then claims to have witnessed Tyrion and Sansa plan the murder of the King in revenge for the death of Sansa's father and brothers. A heartbroken Tyrion pleads with her to tell the truth but she reminds him what he said to her before sending her away, calling herself merely a whore, though she did not know that this statement was a lie.

After Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) frees Tyrion from his imprisonment before he is sentenced to death, he goes to the Tower of the Hand before escaping to kill his father. There he discovers Shae in Tywin's bed wearing the gold chain Tyrion gave her. Seeing him, she grabs a knife with intent to kill him but Tyrion gets there first - weeping as he strangles her to death with the chain in revenge for the attempt on his life.

After their struggle he appears broken and horrified, apologising to her body as she lies on the bed. He later murders his father with a crossbow when he refuses to stop calling Shae a "whore", perhaps reminded of his own harsh words to the woman he loved.

Despite Shae's betrayal of the well-loved Tyrion some fans have remained sympathetic towards her; she did have a very rough run of it during the series, having to play maid to the woman who married the man she loved due to her class status and the harsh place of women in the Game of Thrones universe.

Peter Dinklage has also been filming for Game of Thrones in Peñíscola as Tyrion now has to deal with the Meereen famine in the absence of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), but it's unlikely that their characters will cross paths again. If they do though it will likely be in flashback, hopefully one of happier days.


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