ByStephanie Jasinski, writer at

this is a horrible joke or a horrible truth. I idolized Avril Lavigne. I'm a year younger than her so, I grew up listening to her music and related to her songs but after reading everything especially the supposed "clues" in happy ending and nobody's home and the other song slipped away plus her complete personality change. going from a Tom boy saying that she would never wear frilly dresses or be into tons of sexy clothes and showing off her belly or sing pop dance songs than 5 years after her second album she sings girlfriend and in her video it's pop not rock she even raps and has a rapper in the remake, dresses in panties and bras?? now hello kitty? what happened to her baggy pants, arm bands and skater girl look where is her guitar??!! I'm so sad either way we lost avril either by death or by her change in personality. I MISS YOU AVRIL AND I HOPE YOU'RE ALIVE AND IF ANYONE IS COVERING HER DEATH YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO NOT GIVE HER A PROPER BURIAL SO FANS CAN SAY GOODBYE. if you're alive avril bring back that guitar AND ROCK OUT WITH YOUR LYRICS ROCK OUT LIKE YOU DID WHEN YOU WON MY HEART


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