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Ever since the closure of the first season, I've been excited for the next season of The Flash. Now, after many months, the day finally came when the show returned for its second season, and was it worth the wait?

Season 2 spoilers ahead.

Right off the bat, anyone who has followed Arrow can see similarities. We find Barry Allen separating himself from his companions. Unlike Arrow, Barry is fixing the destruction left in the singularity's wake, but it's worth noting. It's clear that The Flash's first episode focuses on Barry's allies and to bring the whole gang back together, and this is both a blessing and a curse.

In the episode, we finally get to see how Barry stops the singularity, which is all well and good, but the whole segment to me would have been much better had it been filmed for the first season finale. It would have been a double-whammy with the "death" of Ronnie Raymond and Eddie Thawne and would have been a more suitable cliffhanger in my personal opinion. Having the episode start off with Barry pulling the "I have to protect my friends!" card would have been more effective had it been known to us previously. That or if the flashback (pun not intended) had been separated throughout the entire episode instead of given to us instantly, disregarding the references to Ronnie's fate in the episode with Caitlyn. Speaking of which, I must commend the show for not pulling an Arrow and making Caitlyn pissed off at Barry for not being able to save Ronnie.

In the episode we also infer that Martin Stein is taking over Harrison Wells' position on the team, which is fine and is the most logical course of action, and something I welcome on the show. I may miss Tom Cavanagh, but that's a personal thing. Speaking of which, I must note the last will that Eobard recorded. I do not understand why Eobard would do what he did and confess the murder of Nora Allen, as he would deny the Flash what he wants, not unless he can do something in return to aid his cause. The confession was awkward as Eobard was giving what Barry wants, and an acceptance of defeat even though he was killed. In saying that though, perhaps I'm missing something.

Now, I still have a major problem with the episode. the episode was very, very fast, too much for its own good. With its focus on bringing the team back and returning Barry to his senses, there was no room for developing Atom Smasher, nor his alter ego who was found deceased. These things, including the mentioning of Zoom, were dashed away. I guess some things must be sacrificed for a 40-odd minute episode.

Nevertheless, it was good to see Team Flash back together again, ready to take on a new slew of villains, from our world and others, with the exciting introduction of Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth 2. The freeing of Henry Allen from Iron Heights was great and awesome to finally see (although it being this early on makes me wonder how much plot armour he has) and it's clear that there are new, great horizons in the distance for this season. Flaws and all, I still enjoyed the hell out of it.


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