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Arthur Christmas
Arthur Christmas

So one of the things that interested me about Arthur, is, is last name. I mean why Christmas? Yeah I get that it might just be a title and everything but they do mention that it is his name, but then again the family name is Claus so then is it just his middle name? I guess so.
But anyway, let's let it go and get down with it.

I actually remember watching this in 2013 but honestly I forgot about it, and so I decided to revisit it. And second time around, I must say, it's amazing. I mean the art, the visuals, the animation, and just everything that appeals to the eye and what you'd expect the North Pole to be. I mean we get the history of Santa Claus' and what the different Santa Claus' was involved in, was very much historical and I think that the story line and the plot is something to behold

Because this is a family movie and a family time, and a festive time, I think that it was very important it centered the Clauses, I mean yeah we have the elves as well but we feel that the Clauses were the glue to the elves because without the Clauses the elves would be out of a job and they would have no purpose to their lives, and yeah they play that out as well in the movie as well and I think that's absolutely something that was important as well, I mean, as much of a commentary on unemployment.

But okay, let's really dive in. As the title suggests, the main character is Arthur, but Arthur doesn't fit any mold of any Santa Claus, I mean he does get the spirit right, but for us, we sorta feel that, there is a pattern to Santa Claus, and the movie very much so gets it done. From the original Santa Claus with the sleigh and the reindeer and the current Santa Claus, who for the most of it relies on the technological stuff of operations, from Steven's directions as well. Steven of course is the older brother, and we also get a very blurred line to who is really Santa Claus because really Steven does most of the work and very much so the current Santa Claus; Malcom, doesn't really do, because he is very forgetful. Jeez, I think he's not even that old and I mean he's already got Alzheimer's, yeesh. But that's something that we get because the Grand Santa has kinda that old timer's disease as well, and I think that it's very important that the story line surrounds the four because well, it's a Christmas story. But then again, I think, the elves are something to take note as well.

Some say that the jokes are too fast to catch but I think that if you really are focused on the story and the comedy, it comes together nicely. I mean, it is sometimes quick, but that's why it's called quips. So the plot is basically them missing out on a kid, and the ethical dilemma of should they go and try to make amends and reward the faith of someone. And that's a very important dilemma, because, it's something we have to think about, because there was also some commentary about what do we reward? I mean do we reward them because they were so loyal or because they will lose faith? But there's also something to be said about a generation that wouldn't have faith anymore just because they didn't get something and I feel that's kinda wrong.
I mean, okay yeah, it's the simple, and identifiable and yeah that's most that there is. So what makes it a touch above?

Well, there's always something to say about what should be done. And the method it should be done. With the Grand Santa helping most of the time, you would think that it's best for the sending the presents to the kid, and it's not, I mean yeah the most of the adventure is on the traditional sleigh, with the classic reindeer and the magic dust, and whatever. But still they never really focus on it, because I mean they focus on the two other extremes as well, the current Santa being just very greedy and like forgetful and never really thinking about others, and Steven as well is more of the brands and the technology. But that's not to say something about Grand Santa as well because Grand Santa also has something to prove about himself and that the old ways still has a place on this world

But what about Arthur, well like I said, I think Arthur represents the spirit. The spirit of Christmas, and maybe that's why they name him Christmas in the end. But seriously, he's somebody who wants to get presents to everybody because, kids have very fragile faiths and so there's a very fine line to balance. I mean look at it this way, I think it's very important that the message at the end is, that in the end there's more than just one way to look at things, yeah sometimes you get only two, but don't let it affect you and maybe you could try something new and still achieve what you want. And that's what it is that makes us want to love Arthur so much. Yeah in the beginning he's just that clumsy klutz whose supposed to be the on-off comic relief and we were led to believe that until, he wanted to get in the mix as well. Arthur is somebody you want to be because, you feel a moral obligation to something, and you know it comes very genuinely because he's emotionally invested in every one of those kids, and in the end they come up with a compromise that didn't seem very different for me in the end, not for Steven at least, but ahh, what the hell, it's a christmas film, I'll let it slide.

But honestly as much as the message is very much still open I think that, they still wanted to push out that it's okay to have all the stigmas and the dogmas and the methods to do it, but if you don't feel comfortable doing it in some way, or just want to do it because you are on a very tight schedule and that, you need to do it quickly it doesn't really matter how you get there. And although, that's a poignant message, it's something I will still take caution and I would like just to say that it's important to make sure that the kids understand that there's a limit to everything.


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