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We all grew up on it; we all know the video games and the TV shows. But what most of us DON'T know, is the eerily dark truth that lies shrouded deep within one of our favorite childhood sagas.

First off, lets start with the basic facts that we all know.

You wake up.

The name of the town doesn't matter; it rarely does. Everything is business as usual; you know how it all goes.

You get called into a professor's lab; meet your rival; claim your birthright.

It's all so painstakingly familiar.

You begin to make your way in the world. Trudging through the tall-grass, you catch a glimpse of your first wild Pokemon in action.


What do you notice?

For starters, you're maybe 11 years-old and alone in the world. But lets look for something just a little less obvious. For example, why are you walking through tall-grass? Moreover, why are you walking at all? You'd think that if it wasn't bad enough to be an unaccompanied minor, you'd at least have a ride. But you don't. Instead, you have what basically amounts to a baby Pokemon to protect you against hordes of unrelenting, powerful and most importantly, wild Pokemon.

What already screams weird about this?

How in the f**k do they not expect you to die a horrible, agonizing death?

Nobody even packed you a last meal. They just expect you to die.

But why?

Now, really think about this for a second.

Where is everyone? Where are the cars? Or, most importantly, where is the livestock?

Maybe the actual reason that you're off conquering the world as an aspiring Pokemon Master, is because village supplies are dwindling, and you drew the short stick.

But that only beckons at another question, why is the village nearly out of supplies? This goes back to the question about tall-grass. Why, in a modern world, would you need to walk through grass that goes up as high as your head, or even walk period?

Unless it isn't a modern world at all, but rather, a post-apocalyptic one.

This would elaborate why the village couldn't support you anymore. But more than anything, this explains why in a world of super-powered creatures, there is not a single ordinary animal to account for.

The world's animal population was altered at an atomic level.

This would demonstrate a true reason for a lack of livestock and resources, as well as tall-grass and wild Pokemon.

But most importantly, an apparent lack in government.

Have you ever noticed that each village, town or city, is absolutely devoid of any true form of authority? Save for maybe... the gym leaders. Not put into their rank by any official form of government, but strictly through merit in skill as a trainer. Sounds a lot like tribe-mentality to me; another tried, but true, symptom of a post-apocalyptic world.

But there still needs to be some form of overall governing authority, right?

That's where team "Rocket" comes into play. Have you ever wondered why the "bad guys" do what they do? Or rather, why they seem so insistent on taking away people's Pokemon?

Because they ARE the government.

Or more accurately, whatever's left of it. The true reason behind them "stealing" Pokemon, is for several reasons. Most notably, people gotta eat right?

THAT'S RIGHT; PEOPLE EAT POKEMON. Let that sink in for a moment.

With a world fallen to pieces, difficult choices need to be made. Eat, or be eaten.

But of course, there is another, evermore prominent reason all-together; how can you be, or rather, stay in charge when you've got a bunch of kids running around the world with super-powered animals? It does not look good if a conglamorate of highly trained, not to mention, intelligent operatives, scientists and governing bodies can be thwarted so easily by a snarky tween with an animal that can pronounce its own name.

Definitely sounds like a government on its last legs to me.

Team Rocket is just trying to reign in some semblance of normality to a world plagued by chaos, by whatever means necessary. They operate within the spectrum of the greater-good mentality, which, to be honest, is not unheard of where the government is concerned.

So, for one final twist, who is really the bad guy? The "evil" corporation dedicated to making the world keep turning, or the young rebel with an arsenal of highly-trained and powerful monsters at their disposal?

You be the judge.


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