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Like many others, I'm a huge fan of films such as 8 Mile, Straight Outta Compton, Hustle and Flow, and so many more! I am writing this article to analyze why these films do so well.


Everything around us has a natural rhythm: footsteps, talking, cars, and any hustle bustle of the city life. Even things not normally in the city like the sounds of a rooster waking up the farmhands for another sun shining day outside. Everything pertains to rhythm. Therefore, it's so incredibly satisfying to watch movies based around this rhythm. A scene transition perfectly timed with a snappy snare melody can't be beat. That's just one of the many, many reason people love to watch these films.


Nothing shows more emotion than a stage fright stricken Jimmy B. Rabbit or a down on his luck Easy E. There is so much tragedy in the history of hip hop that making the transition to film is almost seamless. It's truly such a simple idea too, people love tragedy. They love to see people's emotions get murdered and trampled. That's just the way it is. Even in Shakespeare's days, tragedy was THE thing to write plays about. Plus, tragedy is far more relatable than any other genre of film, simply because the parts most people remember about their own lives is normally the bad parts.


There are so many incredible stories in hip hop that are still yet to be covered in a movie. For example, a story showing Jay Z's rise to stardom after growing up in such a tough neighborhood in New York would be a thrilling story to cover in film! You have so many Cinderella stories in hip hop, it's insane to me that there isn't more movies dedicated to some of today's great artists.

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