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Captain America now has cracked and there are leaks coming out and today there is some awesome leaked promo art showing off some characters and a new Ant-Man suit.

Here we see cap in his natural WWII outfit about to swing his shield. There is nothing really special about this except that we now know for sure he will dawn his awesome classic outfit. We see Falcon Flying in the background confirming that he will be on cap's team. We also see Ant-Man on cap's shoulder proving that he will side with Captain America in this epic battle.

Here we see Hawkeye shooting his arrows. It looks like he is dawning a different outfit this time around and in the background we can see Captain America's shield meaning that Hawkeye is probably on cap's side.

Here we see Black Widow dawning her suit and her electronic batons. We see Iron Man's suit in the background meaning that she might be on Iron Man's side which is interesting since her coworker is on Captain America's side.

Here we see Ant-Man wearing a new and improved outfit. The mask is more slick and awesome and his gauntlet also looks refined. This is pretty cool and awesome.

Iron Man is looking awesome with his new suit. It has more flashing lights and has more pieces than before. The suit's helmet looks more mean than before which is interesting.

-Moses Ochs


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