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Mark Capehart

Here goes with some commentary and praise for filmmakers. There was a lot to like at Shriekfest but one thing I have always enjoyed here is something that was born in the creation of the fest itself.

IT FEATURES AND SHOWCASES WOMEN without being overt about it. This is not an exclusively female fest but it was founded by women, run by a woman and many of the filmmakers are women including the really sick and twisted ones.

In the horror subculture that is a compliment BTW.

One of the most disturbing shorts, "He Waits", was written and made by a woman, nicely done Cheryl. As I have stated in previous posts, women were the featured role in most of the movies I saw. Lets face it, have you ever heard of a scream KING... nope.

Also, and I am linking to the pictures to prove it, there is a vast representation of people of color, all colors at the fest as well as all ages. This particular showcase reveals the inaccuracy or down right falsehood of many of the horror stereotypes.

Now what did these women get to do in the films. Well behind the screen, or scream that is <insert evil laugh>, they do everything. Hang around and read the credits sometime. I front of the camera there is something much more surprising going on.....ACTING!!!

There are actually great performances in horror films. The films I saw had characters with complexity, motivation, emotions. Not just the women mind you, big shout out to Kote Tolordava playing the villain in "Landmine goes click", since I am pretty certain he was not a sadistic pervert in real life it was a fantastic performance with surprising variation. NO SPOILERS...SEE THE MOVIE!!. Sadly, this will be the only chance to see him in English. The actor passed away shortly after filming. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! But have a drink afterward, you will need it.

Some actors even got to do what I consider to be the hardest thing in the biz, be funny..on purpose. "Alien Communication" taped into a primal fear of us all, being a teenager and wanting to tell someone you like them, and did it with witty dialog and funny visuals without going over the top. Everyone was laughing there asses off.

Now I could go on like this for a while with a lot of movies but I want to move to my next post and a new topic before these films hit major distribution. That is something that myself and my academic colleges found fascinating. It all has to do with entertainment and the generation gap. Talk to yall soon.


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