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Ah! The feeling when you read a really good book and you're like - I've got to watch this - but when you do.. you're like.. well.. NO!

We're all familiar with this feeling, when our imagination just seems small or when we're dying to see it turn into reality in the big screen. All those moments when we were waiting to see the great hall of Hogwarts, the arena of Hunger Games, the castle where Selection took place and obviously our favorite characters : Mr. Darcy, Katniss Everdeen, Joffrey Lannister, Christian Grey, Augustus Waters... But alas! When we do.. it just feels like something's wrong, like something's wasn't supposed to be, and makes you feel so unsatisfied. But what's wrong?

So here are the few things I find wrong with book to movie adaptation..

1. Selecting the wrong actors

When we love a character, we love the very essence of it, everything from its looks to its personality. And when I see an actor whom I would never have imagined as that character, I just lose all interest in the movie and end up hating/criticising it. Like for instance Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike was selected to play Amy Dunne, awesome actress, played her part beautifully but I'm pretty sure those who read and loved the book (including me) were disappointed. Why? Because Rosamund Pike couldn't be the book Amy Gillian Flynn created.

2. Changing the dialogues

Another thing I absolutely hate is when the makers of the movie change the actual words of the characters. It just feels like what is there in the books is concrete and is the only way it should be, and whenever I see the dialogues being changed I find myself repeating the dialogues from the book. It's always like why did you have to this? The dialogues are there, just take them.. why do you have to do this bad bad thing? I just feel this is absolutely something the makers of movie should never ever do. Like in The Fault In Our Stars, the letter that Augustus writes for Hazel before dying was one of the most touching and crucial part of the story.. yet the letter was cut and random lines were joined.

3. Cutting parts of the story

This is the worst thing that happens in book to movie adaptation. Worst. And I don't use that word lightly. Okay I understand there's a lot of story which cannot be covered in a 2-3 hours movie, but still.. you cannot just cut it out! Everything. Is. Important. Make it in installments, people who want to watch it will do anyway. And it just makes the story difficult to understand and love. Like for instance, Angels and Demons or Da Vinci Code, I loved the books like anything but when I saw the movie.. well... I couldn't even understand what's really going on..

4. Changing the story

Why? I mean why? Why do you have to do this? Every time this happens I feel like throwing something on the face of the movie makers. Everything's out there laid down in front of you..everything... and yet.. yet you have got to change the story! They don't understand that what happened in the book is reality and that is the one and only way it should happen!. It just makes you wonder what the filmmakers were even thinking, like in the case of Game of Thrones and even Harry Potter!


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