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If you enjoy horror films and food, and you don't know who the Gothic Bake Queen is, then you are in for a treat (literally).

Christine McConnell is the baked goods artist who is responsible for making these incredibly creative and creepy cakes, which you can view on her Instagram:

That's red velvet, not blood, right?

I made Alien cookies :D

A photo posted by Christine McConnell (@christinehmcconnell) on

I am a huge fan of cookies. I've never tried an alien one though.


A photo posted by Christine McConnell (@christinehmcconnell) on

This is basically what I envision for my future wedding cake.

As soon as October struck, Christine chose to get into the spooky holiday spirit by honoring some of our favorite women of TV horror.

This talented artist recreated the costumes of her favorite five frightful ladies ladies herself without a pattern over a span of two days, and shot herself with a camera set on a timer, with minimal lighting.

1. Lily Munster

Christine claims that this outfit was her most favorite costume to create and wear.

2. The Bride of Frankenstein

This dress is made from a simple bed sheet. But how in Satan's name did she get her hair to do that?

3. Morticia Addams

She's clearly caught the dark, yet sensual nature that is Morticia Addams.

4. Vampira

Christine describes this experience as frightening...not because of that cemetery, but because she almost cracked a rib while wearing this corset.

Christine explains that while Elvira may be missing from the list, she felt she was unable to truly capture the sexy darkness that is Elvira and opted to leave her out from the group.

While I feel she would have personally been able to channel her energy in a photo, Christine has an insane appreciate for all things that go bump in the night. And pairing that with food, is, quite frankly, giving me quite the monstrous appetite.

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