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Transformers 1 form 2007 is just meh.......... nothing more, nothing less and that's that. And iam a real big transformers fan i love transformers, i have alot of toys and i still collect them to this day. But this film is just meh...... i like said and actually i loved this film has a kid but now its just meh...... and it's also over 2 hours long and the first 45 min to a hour into the film you dont even see the transformers, well i guess you do see a few of them spread around the first act of the film, but whatever. And when the robots are not one the screen you get dump goverment people that are just there for comic relief and that is actually what most of the human character are COMIC RELIEF i'am so sick of it there in all 4 transformers films and iam just tried of it by now. Oh and i just forgot about the product placement in this movie is awful. So after that rant lets actually do a proper review for transformers 2007.

A awesome fight between optimus prime and bone cruster
A awesome fight between optimus prime and bone cruster

The good.

The action is pretty cool as well as the visual effects are pretty cool and fun to look at. The transforemrs them selfs are fantastic but they only there/on screen when there is a action scenes, and i would actually like to see them talk and have a personality, i would really like that but review the film you have not the film that you want. And the music is awesome and very cool, i actually do love the score and the sound mixing is pretty great too. So i guess thats it for the good stuff now for the bad

A very cool photo of optimuse prime
A very cool photo of optimuse prime

The bad.

Do you remember what i said was good about the film, well iam about to say that every thing ealse is bad to awful so what iam going to do is write a list of things wrong with the movie so lets begin 1. The plot is dump. 2. WAY WAY to much characters that are comci relief and other stuff. 3. The transformers are beraly in the movei. 4. to much focus on the human characters. 5. its way to long. 6. parts of it are boring, when the transformers arn't around. 7. and overall not a very good film.

Final Verdict/rating

Transformers form 2007 is a overall a stuff bloaded film that is over 2 hours long, its needs to be at least 2 hours long not over 2 hour or 2 hours and 20 min but again i did enjoy my self watching it and i do own the blu-ray and DVD, well i guess its a fun film form my childhood so i'am not going to hate on it to much, and actually the more i think about it i might actually be one of those films that grew up with but than when you are older you discover that its actually not very good, a guilty pleasure i guess. So overall iam going to give transformers 1 form 2007 a fun 7 out of 10.

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