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Hey i'm Andy i love to write about Movie's, Games and TV Shows my favorite superhero is Iron Man and The Flash .
Andy Emini

Hello everyone, this is my second day of the GIF challenge.

Today I want to share my story on how I became a Moviepilot creator!

In 2014, I liked moviepilot's Facebook page the Moviepilot superheoes page. I didn't know I could create an account, I just saw a post I wanted to read.

So after one year of reading a lot of articles andquizzes I saw a button on an article where it said 'create a post' I clicked it and it said I need to register , which is when i saw that i could create articles!

I didnt know much about the rules of creating articles, so i saw a post about ant-man at and copied that article and pasted it onto Moviepilot. I uploaded the photos and published it!

When I saw the post the next day, it had 14k views! It was promoted on Facebook and I was like "oooooo!!!"

Then, after 2 days the post got deleted. I got a message in my e-mails saying that it was copyrighted...

So I understood that I shouldn't copy/paste articles, but should write them myself instead. So. I started doing that!

I started posting, still copy-pasting from other websites. Then i deleted the post, and did another one!

Then, I wrote something little and really bad. I started messaging on Facebook, telling them to "promote this" and "promote that!"

And none of the articles got promoted... but I made new friends, like Samuel!

He taught me a lot how to write better and helped me with my English. he also edited my articles to help make them better. I also showed him my ideas to see if he liked them...

One article after another, I got to be where I am today !

This is my embarrassing story of how I started Moviepilot learned a lot about it.

I made new friends along the way! Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it!


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