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It's been a great year for fans of Back to the Future. In 1989, the second movie in the BTTF trilogy was released and everyone's favorite time-traveling duo jumped forward to October 21, 2015. Since the beginning of 2015, people have been comparing the predictions made in Back to the Future II to how the world has actually turned out 26 years later. We haven't figured out a more efficient weather system yet and walking around with our pockets hanging out isn't considered "hip," but Pepsi is releasing a limited number of 'Pepsi Perfect' products, Nike is designing a self-lacing shoe (more of the look of the shoe, less of the self-lacing part) and we've even gotten to see a teaser trailer for Jaws 19.

The 'Pepsi Perfect' bottle
The 'Pepsi Perfect' bottle

Despite all of the cool products coming out, the coolest BTTF surprise of this year is almost too easy to pick out. That's right people: Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are returning this year as Marty McFly and (Doc) Emmett Brown! But how is this possible? What could possibly be bringing back the characters after so many years? The answer is a little game called LEGO Dimensions.

Doc, Marty and their LEGO couterparts
Doc, Marty and their LEGO couterparts

LEGO Dimensions is a game released last month that brings characters from different franchises and worlds together to fight for the same cause. Other notable additions to the ranks include characters from Portal, Scooby Doo, The Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, and more! However, plastic figures of characters doesn't mean the celebrities are returning as well, right? In this case: they actually have! The two legendary actors reprised their roles and voiced their characters 30 years after the first movie arrived! Check out the reveal of Christopher Lloyd's return as Doc Brown!

LEGO Dimensions is available for purchase right here. Are you excited for the return of the two explorers and their time-bending DeLorean? Do you think you'll check out LEGO Dimensions and the host of characters it brings to life? Or do you just want to know why we all don't have hoverboards yet? Sound off in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Are you excited for Marty and Doc Brown's return?


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