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I love all things zombie and having suspense drawn out to build up tension. I like out right jumps and i appreciate a good scare.
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Silent Hill - a tragic town with a tragic past. Where secrets are kept secret, stories left untold and horror is brought to life.

This film-based on the original game did a very good job at adapting the game into a movie. This is not always the case, as Need For Speed showed us.

So for fans that watched this film, the premise was simple. Alessa was a bastard child, left alone and isolated. Many horrific things happen to this girl. She is labelled a "witch" by other children who terrorise the young Alessa.


She is bullied by her peers, shunned by her family and feels very alone, all becasue she doesn't have a father. In modern day society, not having a father is not a big deal. However, Silent Hill is a very religious town where this is a sin.

When Alessa's mother is told by her sister, who she trusts, that the "order" can correct the sin, she takes the opportunity. However the towns folk have different ideas of how to cure evil. They burned Alessa as a Demon/Witch. They were fools. Alessa survives and has such hate in her that another part of Alessa manifests-Alessa's revenge!!

Alessa's revenge!
Alessa's revenge!

In the town of Silent Hill , Alessa has unleashed the darkness upon the town. The town is now foggy (a signature style of the Silent Hill games) with all the roads cut off and monsters on the loose. All the monsters are Alessa's creations, sent to punish those who hurt her.

She has a friend in the guise of Pyramid Head, a massive creature with a butcher's leather apron, a pyramid- type device on his head and a massive knife. He is Alessa's protector, and he is there to punish those who enter her world.

out for a stroll Pyramid Head
out for a stroll Pyramid Head

When the town is quiet, Pyramid Head will not appear. But when the air raid siren sounds, the darkness is coming. Suddenly everything changes, the world goes dark and has a red glow to it.

Things, that were are now not. For example -in a bathroom- the cubicles changed to a chain link type fence, all the paint stripped off, and a janitor who was inanimate is now, animate. Insects appear that eat the flesh from anything living.Pyramid Head is now on the loose, and when the air raid siren alarms again, it stops and the world goes back to the way it was.

In amongst all this, Alessa sends the main character clues on what happened to her and how to find her. The main character does this and through her trials and tribulations, we find out what happened to Alessa - and what she wants .

Psycho nurses-just for fun.
Psycho nurses-just for fun.

Alessa has had her hate building for years and she wants the people responsible for hurting her to know what they did. She sends a version of herself, filled with hateness and badness, to seek revenge

She punished a nurse who was only curious to see her. We see this nurse in the basement with Alessa , crying blood and practically blind. Alessa has an army of nurses she created, who are blind but can hear really well. They have knifes and are generally quite vicious when they get started!

Her final revenge is much better. She is brought into a church which is full of the people responsible for burning her. She locks the doors and uses the barbed wired she brought with her to create an out-right bloodbath. No-one is safe here. Her Aunt-the one who gave her mother pressure- is severly punished by Alessa. She is levitated using the barbed wire and then the barbed wire goes in and out of her body causing her excrutiating pain and blood loos, and eventually Alessa rips her in two.

This is the final part of Alessa's revenge, or so we are lead to believe. I personally think that Silent Hill would be a terrifying place to be, the horrors that are unleashed when the air raid siren goes off is enough to scare anyone.That being said I am a horror fan and I would still want to go in spite of the horrors .

Do you think you would survive Silent Hill? Was Alessa's revenge fair?


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