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Kirsten Dunst has been working in the industry since she was 6 years old, but it's only now that she is making one of the boldest moves of her career: Jumping to TV. Though she's been an A-list film star for the better half of her life, the actress will be starring in the new season of the phenomenal Fargo series on FX.

And, don't mistake this change for any slow-down in offers. Kirsten's hop to the small screen was extremely deliberate, and she explained the choice in an interview with The Guardian:

People don’t go to the cinema unless it’s an event any more. So the movie industry is in a weird place, for sure, and the creative people are blossoming on television.

She's definitely got a point. When it comes to the smaller, mid-budget films that Kirsten often headlines, they can be completely overshadowed by the blockbusters. For a truly rewarding role, Kirsten made the smart choice to flourish on TV.


There's definitely a trend among big Hollywood stars to turn to television for meaty projects, and the results often get a much bigger fan following than movies of a similar ilk. Kirsten sees Hollywood getting fueled by way too much money, which she thinks is cutting down potential:

People don’t need all the money they’re using. That’s the other thing: When you have too much time, too much money, the creative starts to slip away. It just does.

Now, this doesn't mean Kirsten has entirely turned her back on movies, but for our sake, I certainly hope we get to see her on weekly basis even after Fargo.

(Source: The Guardian)


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