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The first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer to the movie was, WOW, Ridley Scott is back again, then it went to, Interstellar. I think it's pretty okay if I say almost all of us who have seen and appreciated Interstellar would compare The Martian to it. I guess it happens just instinctively; you see the trailer, you think about the similar cast, the similar cinematography, the similar story lines; at least in the trailer.

But sitting in the cinema hall, 20 minutes into the movie, I start thinking, okay, Mark Watney is on Mars, with a fully functional computer, clothes, and everything else he would need to survive; even if it is just for some time, and I start thinking, its all too easy. He has it too easy. Granted, survival is tough and the character deserves credit for not giving up and coming up with the brilliant schemes of planting potatoes and using the bio degradable waste as manure but the thing is, in my head, it was all too simple. As the movie went on, that feeling just escalated and to be real frank, the background score didn't really help the matters for me.

Plus the 70's music and the all too cheerful banter, just made it all a happy go lucky movie and I guess I have been influenced too much by Interstellar to digest all this happiness when you're alone and 'help is only 140 million miles away'. I wish they'd have shown more of the struggle, emotional and physical. Making water out of thin air and potatoes on Mars isn't as easy as the movie and the book make them out to be. I guess all I wanted was the same material, the same book, treated a bit differently; with more intensity, more respect, more realistically than it being all disco music and sarcastic humour.

All the tries from NASA to send a probe with supplies fail and the only solution is if the already returning Hermes goes back to Mars to collect Mark Watney in person. The crew being the crew, and guilt taking its toll, they go back and though there's a lot of complications they have tried to show, for me, it was all just like a round trip to and fro Mars with taxpayers' money and one man's survival.

And, the last scene where Watney rips through his suit and speeds towards Hermes was a little bit too much for me to make it though without saying the word ridiculous. So, the Iron man wannabe jargon, the Flying though space with a tarp as the lid ( I mean come on, NASA puts a 400 something KG lid to cover for a reason, its not all just removable! If it was, people would have been going in and out of space all the time) and the Mid space catching an astronaut was too much for someone like me to handle.

I want my facts checked and space complicated, kill me for being a conformist but the book and the movie, was just all too easy for me.

Bonus minus points for the 'I will survive : Gloria Geynor' as the end track. I mean, could you be any more cliché!?


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