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We know just what the average witches and wizards need when it's time to plop down on one knee and propose. And that would be these custom Harry Potter engagement boxes.

Paul Pape Designs has created this and many more ring boxe designs, which can all be viewed here.

In case you need help deciding which one would be perfect for your beloved witch or wizard (or even cultured Muggle), you can browse through some of the options below!

1. Catch that Snitch

#harrypotter #goldensnitch #custom #engagement #ringbox #proposal by #paulpapedesigns

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Show your significant other that you think they're a Keeper with this impressive Snitch engagement box, whether they're a Chaser, Seeker, or even a Beater.

2. You're the House I Choose

#harrypotter #sortinghat #custom #engagement #ringbox #proposal by #paulpapedesigns

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Home is where the heart is, and you can show your special witch, wizard, or Muggle that you're ready to make a happy home with them.

3. You're Always Running Through My Mind

#HarryPotter #pensieve #custom #engagement #ringbox with lights and movement by #paulpapedesigns

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Show your special love that they've been running through your mind all day with this Pensieve box. It's just the place you'll want to store your most valued memories.

4. You're the Junk I Want in My Trunk

#HarryPotter #trunk #Magical #opening with #Harry 's #wand #custom #engagement #Ringbox by #paulpapedesigns

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And when we say junk, we mean it in the best way possible!

5. You're in My Head(wig)

#HarryPotter #Hedwig #WingBox #custom #engagement #ringbox by #paulpapedesigns

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This is for the animal lover. Let your love take flight by hiding the ring under Hedwig's wing.

6. Hogwarts, A History of Love

#HarryPotter #PlatformNineandThreeQuarters #luggagecart #custom #engagement #ringbox by #paulpapedesigns

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Perhaps you met the love of your life at Hogwarts? And just perhaps amidst struggling with Potions, studying for your O.W.L.s, and maybe sneaking off to the Forbidden Forest every so often, like a love potion hit you, you fell for your special witch or wizard? This is the perfect box for you.

Paul Pape really knows how to make the most crucial and romantic part of your life really become memorable.

Perhaps while taking a stroll through Hogsmeade during the holidays, you can plop down on one knee and present your lover with this. I can't think of anything more beautiful!

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