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watch movies, eat burritos: repeat. (Nic Cage 2016)
Jodi Wofford

There is nothing like the first night of October. The weather starts to cool (come on, Los Angeles—we can pretend), the sun begins to set earlier, and one can purchase ungodly amounts of peanut butter cups without public judgement. However, what would October truly be without the binge watching of horror films? Most can appreciate a spooky flick from the comfort of their homes, but what if you could delve into something a little more real? In honor of the DVD release of the terrifying remake of Poltergeist, a team of us was lucky (and brave) enough to experience a thrilling ghost adventure at the Oman House: Beverly Hills' own "Disneyland for the dead."

The night began innocently enough with refreshments and cocktails (a little treat to calm the jitters before the chilling exploration to come). Fans were also given the opportunity to take eerily awesome photos with the downright nightmarish clown from the Poltergeist film.

The revelry diminished as the group put on their metaphorical ghost hunting pants and toured the deceivingly ordinary Oman House. While the decor is modern and polished, the home (built by the Oman family just a mere 150 feet from the site of the 1969 Manson murders) is said to be a jackpot of spiritual activity—including numerous recounted visits from the tragic ghost of Sharon Tate.

After being given tools such as electromagnetic field readers and voice recorders, we were ready to get down and dirty with the spirits (not without help from our expert guide, paranormal investigator Alejandro Dominguez). If that wasn't enough, the group participated in a seance with psychic Lilia Willis in hopes of contacting the other side. Though nothing powerfully supernatural occurred, the house emitted a unique energy and, if nothing else, offered an amazingly fun time.

For those looking for a safer route of scary fun, check out Poltergeist on DVD and Blu-ray!


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