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The horror community has been a buzz about who will play Freddy Krueger in the upcoming reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, some are open to a new Freddy where as others are less than thrilled with the thought of Robert Englund being replaced yet again. One fan has decided to voice his opinion loud and proud about who he would like to see pull on that razor glove, and his choice is none other that actor Kevin Roach.

Who is Kevin Roach?

Kevin Roach in The Confession of Fred Krueger
Kevin Roach in The Confession of Fred Krueger

Kevin Roach is a man of immense talent; he can be found in films such as Happy Hooker Bang Bang, Post Trauma, Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh, Volumes of Blood and most recently, The Confession of Fred Krueger.

It was his portrayal of Freddy in horror artist Nathan Thomas Milliner's fan film The Confession of Fred Krueger that put him on the radar to play Krueger on the big screen.

Roach as Krueger

Before we get into the petition, it is only fair to show you how great Roach is at playing Krueger, so here is the trailer for The Confession of Fred Krueger.

If you enjoyed he trailer, but you aren't quite convinced yet, Milliner and his partners were kind enough to upload the the film in its entirety on YouTube. You can watch it HERE.

The Petition

The petition was started on by Jeremy Boreske and it already has 388 of its 400 signature goal. In Boreske's own words, here is why he started the petition:

Kevin Roach, who portrayed Freddy Krueger in the fan film The Confession of Freddy Krueger, WAS Freddy and should be considered for the part in the upcoming remake. Fans as well as professionals agree that he totally embodied the part.

The petition was made to bring Roach to the attention of Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema, specifically Jack Horner, Press Contact for Warner Brothers.

If Roach's performance impressed you, you can sign the petition HERE.


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