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The Story:

For a season premiere we have a pretty solid story. Barry tries to rebuild Central City (literally) and we get to see what became of everyone after the singularity. Firestorm aided the Flash in stopping it, but not without Ronnie being dragged into it. Barry decides to continue his crime fighting on his own, thinking that distancing himself will keep everyone safe. We have a pretty bad ass villain in Al Rothstein a.k.a Atom Smasher which forces everyone to come back together. He is able to manipulate his size, increasing his strength and proves to be too much for Barry to handle. They deduce that he gets stronger when in contact with radioactive energy. While they figure out how to stop him, Barry makes amends with everyone, each of them telling him what happened wasn't his fault. Team Flash finds out the only way to stop him to to overload him with Atomic Power. Barry lures him into a trap where the Atom Smasher is overwhelmed by the amount of radiation. Before he dies, he tells Barry that he was sent by Zoom to kill him in exchange for a trip "home", implying that he is from Earth 2. Barry decides to put the team back together when Jay Garrick appears. He warns them of a danger coming to their city.

The Action:

Introducing Atom Smasher in the first episode was just pure awesome. The fights between him and Barry: and the utilization of his powers made him a pretty cool villain. Even though he seemed to have met his demise so soon, I'm sure we will see him again down the line in some way. The special effects used for his character were fantastic.

Though the singularity was stopped in a different way than I thought, seeing Firestorm and the Flash come together to stop it was just badass. It was super sad to see you go though Ronnie, but I'm sure you're not totally gone.

New characters/Cameos:

Al Rothstein/Atom Smasher: An Earth 2 baddy sent by Zoom to kill the Flash. Finally a different type of bad guy who can manipulate his size, increasing his mass and strength. He did not go down that easy, and hopefully that's not the last we see of him.

Jay Garrick: We've all been waiting for him to turn up. Even if it was at the end of the episode, it was an awesome way to make an entrance. Looks like we find out why he's come to Earth 1 next episode.

Eddie Thawne: It was nice to see a little nod to Eddie at the beginning as a part of Barry's day dream and with the close up on his picture. Yes, it is a moment of sadness, but I still think we could see him somewhere again, under very different circumstances.

Harrison Wells: Seeing Tom Cavanagh is always a pleasure. Though he wasn't the real Wells and was the main antagonist Reverse-Flash in the first season, seeing him here made me excited on how he is going to be brought back into the mix.

Character Interactions:

Team Flash- Barry seems to have really embraced his superhero role and though he had been going at it alone for sometime, he proved he could handle himself. Seeing them all torn apart at the beginning was a bit heartbreaking, but knowing how connected all the characters are, it was only a matter of time for them to come back together. Everyone was great and played their parts amazingly, but other than Barry, Iris is who really stood out to me. She was like Arrow Season 3 Felicity in the first season, but has really come to grow on me in this episode alone. She proved to be a valuable asset and helped get the team back together. Welcome to the team Iris, you earned the spot.

Get ready to bring out the tissues because there are a lot of emotional scenes in this premiere.

Barry, Henry, and Joe- Any heart to heart with these characters really hits close to home. They both offer Barry great advice and insight and there was no shortage of that this episode.

Caitlin and Barry- The more I see these two sharing a moment with one another just makes me happy. The meeting of the two after the incident tugged on some heart strings. They really care for and understand each other. Any BarryCait shippers out there?

Iris and Barry- They had some moments sweet moments in this episode as well. With Barry baring all the weight of his shoulders, it was nice to see her reach out to him. She also proved to be a great addition to Team Flash.

Cisco and Dr. Stein- The two that take the throne this week though are these geniuses. The superhero/villain name dropping done by these two is amazing. Not to mention, with Wells gone, it is nice to see another brain added to the team Cisco and Barry are bros, but I see another bromance on the horizon. I can not wait to see what names they cook up next!


We have to wait a week. Boo.

What's to come/Theories:

The next episode is titled,"Flash of Two Worlds". With the team back together and Jay Garrick introduced, we can only expect more epicness. The next villain is revealed to be "Sand Demon" who seems to be another meta human part of the team sent by Zoom to kill the Flash. We will probably get Jay's back story, hear more about Zoom and what the other dangers came through the portal Barry apparently opened. Also with Eobard confessing as Harrison Wells, and Eobard being dead where does that leave the real Wells. With Eddie killing himself, it erased Eobard from existence. So one could theorize that Wells would have not been killed and maybe alive somewhere. Another innocent man wrongfully accused?! We will have to see.

Final thoughts:

This was a very well written and well executed season premiere. Nothing seemed rushed and a lot of questions were answered, however some new ones did arise. The episode had a great story, amazing interactions, and awesome visual effects. What did you guys think of The Flash season premiere? Leave it the comments below. We would love to read them!


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