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Believe it or not — and trust me, I'm still having a hard time believing it — a new Power Rangers film is coming to theaters in 2017! It's been 18 years since the last Power Ranger feature film, and now the team of colorful crime fighters is finally coming back to the big screen!

The Power Rangers first debuted in 1993, with the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with the movie of the same name releasing in 1995. The series and the film followed the lives of six teenage friends who are suddenly tasked with saving the world from extraterrestrial enemies. The original cast consisted of Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, and David Yost.

But just like every generation of Power Rangers, this team will feature some new faces. Many have been speculating about who will don the colorful masks come 2017, and now, we finally have our answer. Well, 1/6th of our answer at least.

Meet Naomi Scott: The New Pink Power Ranger

Today, the official Power Rangers movie Instagram shared this photo of Naomi Scott with the words "Naomi Scott Is The Pink Ranger!" That's right, we now know for sure who will be playing the new Pink Power Ranger.

Lionsgate and Saban (the two companies behind the upcoming Power Rangers film) have been looking at relatively new and unknown actors to play their new cast of heroes, so it's all right if you're subconsciously asking yourself who Naomi Scott is.

But then again, who is Naomi Scott? Though not a newbie to acting, Scott is still very much an undiscovered talent; but that will definitely change after this film. So to see who Naomi Scott is, and see why she's a great choice for the new Pink Ranger, let's take a look at her outstanding career.

She's an Actress!

Naomi Scott was born in good old London, England, and started acting at the age of 15. Like most young stars, she got her first acting gig on a Disney Channel show — specifically the Disney Channel UK series, Life Bites. The show was a British adaption of the Disney Channel Italy show of the same name. It lasted from 2008 to 2009 before ultimately getting canceled.

After her time on Life Bites, Naomi moved over to Disney Channel U.S. to star in the comedy-musical, Lemonade Mouth in 2011. Personally being one of my favorite Disney Channel movies when I was younger, Lemonade Mouth was the story of five high school students who meet in detention and decide to form a rock band to stand up for their beliefs and "fight the power." It was very Breakfast Club meets rock music parented by Disney.

Lemonade Mouth debuted on Disney Channel on April 15, 2011, and was a surprising hit. Millions tuned in to watch the film, giving it incredible ratings on its debut night. It was so successful that a sequel was actually being considered, but was ultimately scrapped before the project could get off the ground. Despite the canceled sequel, it was Lemonade Mouth and its mostly positive reviews that kickstarted Naomi Scott's acting career!

After Lemonade Mouth, Naomi got another acting gig the very same year on the FOX original series Terra Nova. The show, initially set in the way future time of A.D. 2149, tells the story of the Shannon family as they travel back in time to Earth's Cretaceous period and join a colony of the era. Now, I've never seen the show, but that sounds like an incredibly interesting premise, doesn't it? I'm definitely looking for it on Netflix or Hulu.

But despite the incredibly cool premise, Terra Nova was canceled after just one season, lasting only 13 episodes. That didn't phase Naomi Scott, however, who went on to guest star in the BBC series By Any Means, and got a role in the scientifically spectacular 2015 space survival film, The Martian. You know, the film that just came out starring Matt Damon that's so cool that I've already bought tickets for another showing? Yeah, that one.


She also appeared in the 2015 survival drama film The 33, as Antonio Banderas's daughter — which is definitely something to be proud of. The 33 documents the real-life story of the 33 miners who were trapped in the San Jose Mine in Chile for two months. It's a gripping and tragic story that I can't wait to see, honestly.

So Naomi Scott's roles haven't been very big, but she's been in a lot of well-known shows, and some pretty big movies! But acting isn't her only talent...

She's a Singer!

Not only is Naomi Scott a talented young actress, she's also a talented musician. Naomi has been singing since she was young, starting off in her British church youth band before getting signed by British pop singer Kelly Bryan.

Naomi's singing career kicked off after her performance in Lemonade Mouth, in which she played a bass guitarist/singer named Mohini Banjaree. After releasing some songs on the Lemonade Mouth soundtrack, and appearing in her co-star Bridgit Mendler's song 'Hurricane,' Scott released her first EP.

Titled Invisible Division, it was released as a digital download on iTunes and other music sites, and was fairly well received. After that, Naomi released a few singles digitally, all of which were well received by fans. You can check out her awesome singing skills in the video below, where she performs a medley of 'Move With the Seasons' and 'Take Me To Church.'

Fun fact: Both songs have been stuck in everyone's head at one point, and thanks to this video, you'll probably get them both stuck in your head at the same time! You're welcome.

Well, there you have it, you are now more acquainted with the new Pink Ranger. Like I said, Naomi Scott is a relatively undiscovered actress, but she's got talent, and I'm sure she'll do a great job filling the shoes of Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Ranger.

Now if only Lionsgate would tell us who the other five Rangers will be. Hopefully that information will come to light very soon, but until then...

Thanks for reading!

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